Image of Musical Portrait

Musical Portrait

by Daniel Sperry


This is the form of a piece I have create now for over 30 people over the last three years. I take time to get familiar with your subject, whether it is you, or your beloved, someone who has passed, any one you want to celebrate. I can do up to ten interviews in this process, to get a complete picture. I may try several different versions of a piece before I land on the thing that feels right. You can assume this creation may take a month, or more, before it is done - but when it is done, the experience has consistently been a great deal of joy and appreciation in the outcome. This price has been reduced from $1000, where it has been for the last 18 months, to $500. I want this to be accessible to more people. I love this process, and would be happy to have my schedule filled with this work. Special arrangements can be made for a live performance of your Musical Portrait. I retain the rights to the music, so that I can share it on one of my CDs, and at my concerts, with any understandings about it's use to be worked out mutually. Feel free to email me with questions about such a Musical Portrait.